Shad Wachter

3-5 Technology Literacy Teacher

Shad Wachter is a 20-year veteran teacher with a background in music and technology. He received a Bachelor of Music Education Degree from West Virginia Wesleyan and a Masters of Education degree in the field of Educational Technology from Loyola College in Maryland. He started his teaching career as a music teacher and band director at Fallston Middle School in Harford County, Maryland.  In 2008, he and his family moved to Western PA. Shad has served in many roles at South Fayette School District, first as a technology assistant, then a technology literacy teacher, a STEAM teacher and a reprised role in tech lit. He continues to remain involved in the arts by co-sponsoring the Performing Arts Club. He also sponsors the media club, computer programming club, and the International Community for Collaborative Content Creation.  Shad serves as a mentor teacher and lead teacher for the elementary and intermediate special areas team.   

Shad enjoys working with students to develop technology skills that they will apply in their other classes and the real world. His students participate in project based learning experiences to become fluent in the use of technology. They practice keyboarding skills, learn basic programming concepts, and create multimedia presentations in a variety of formats. Additionally, Shad strives to instill in his students the importance of becoming good digital citizens.

Shad has delivered technology staff development to teachers in the region and around the world.  He presents annually at conferences such as ISTE, Scratch @MIT, Pennsylvania Educational Technology Exposition and Conference, Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference, and the South Fayette Summer STEAM Institute. Being a lifelong learner, he likes sharing experiences with educators and students.