Date: Monday, June 18 - Tuesday, June 19

Location: South Fayette Intermediate School

Grades: Grades 6-12

Facilitators: Larry Berger, The Saturday Light Brigade



Researchers exploring the future of work are indicate that among the essential skills necessary for success in the global economy include:


  • sense making: the ability to determine the significance of what is being expressed;

  • social intelligence: the ability to connect to others in a deep    and direct way; and

  • media literacy: the ability to critically assess and develop new content and leverage this media for persuasive communication.


In this highly-immersive, hands-on multi-day session, teachers will use portable radio and audio equipment to learn about oral history collection and robust models for creation of high-quality radio documentaries using real-world techniques. Teachers can implement these radio projects into their classrooms or after school programs for a dynamic classroom approach that will sharpen students’ essential workforce skills; effective oral and written communication, collaboration, critical thinking, assessing and analyzing information. This experience will support and strengthen connections to your existing curriculum in all disciplines and enhance the skills and dispositions involved in computational thinking.


  • Learn about the power of audio to reinforce 21st century skills

  • Use digital recorders and editing software to create high-quality audio work products

  • Get tips and tools for helping students create documentaries, commentaries, oral histories and podcasts

Session 110: Building Student Voice Through Storytelling

with Saturday Light Brigade