Date: Wednesday, June 19 and Thursday, June 20

Location: South Fayette Intermediate School

Grades: K-3

Facilitator: Melissa Unger, K-2 STEAM Facilitator, South Fayette


The Maker Movement is the term now used for creating inventors, designers, and tinkerers. In this innovation-driven economy, it is considered critical to America's future for our schools to create innovative thought leaders. Join us as we provide you with a springboard of Maker experiences to help you setup your own MakerSpace in your school for young engineers, designers, and computer programmers! You will learn how to introduce elementary classrooms to mechanical engineering by making squishy circuits with conductive Play-Doh and LED lights and then automate student inventions using LittleBits and MaKey MaKey. Using Scratch Jr. you’ll learn the basics of computer programming and computational thinking as you design digital stories. Then venture into programming sensors and motors using WeDo Lego Robotics, LittleBits, and more. There will be many exciting opportunities to share--both high tech and low tech--bring your thinking cap and be prepared to have fun inventing and making!


  • Gain a deeper understanding of Making and computational thinking at the lower elementary level

  • ​Have the opportunity to work with over 10 tools/projects and determine what might work best for their settings and students

  • Develop individual plans for STEAM implementation in the fall

Session 102: Join the Maker Movement: Nurture Your Youngest Engineers, Inventors, and Computer Programmers