Maureen Pedzwater

Summer Institute Coordinator

Maureen Pedzwater has been afforded the opportunity to work in various careers ranging from Photography, Marketing/Advertising, Corporation Communications and Workforce/Career Awareness Counseling. Within each of these areas, project and program development, implementation and coordination has been essential to her responsibilities. In 2005, she entered the field of education through the PA Project 720 program and began working with South Fayette High School students as a Career Coordinator.  In this position, Maureen was responsible for guiding students in their preparation for their life path post high school as well as organizing numerous authentic project-based learning experiences and partnerships with regional, national and international businesses for the districts’ 6th through 12th grade students. Upon retiring from the district in 2013, Maureen formed Pedzwater Consulting, LLC, to provide program/project coordination and career awareness programs for South Fayette School District.  She is also a founding member and current president of the South Fayette Foundation for Excellence.

Maureen’s professional mission is to prepare youth for life not just post-secondary education.  “We as educators, must provide our future leaders and workforce with the knowledge, skills and hands on experiences to amply prepare them for their life paths- if we fail to do this we have failed in our responsibilities.”