Date: Monday, June 17 - Wednesday, June 19

Location: South Fayette Intermediate School

Grades: Grades 6-9 with opportunities 9-12

Facilitators: Student Team: Anish Thangavelu, Shreyas Raikhelkar, Pranav Dantu, Harish Venkata,

Suraj Bokil, with AJ Mannarino, Middle School STEAM Teacher, South Fayette School District

Most likely you have thought about many different apps to improve life for others but it just doesn't exist. Why not get started now? App Inventor, developed by MIT Media Lab is a block-based app development tool that enhances computational thinking skills – thinking logically, algorithmically, recursively, and in multiple layers of abstraction – as you learn the process of developing an app. In this inspired learning session, you will bring your ideas to life as you begin to develop an app and games for a mobile device. And there is more.  This year you will learn to create inventions and prototypes using near-field communication electronics connected to text messaging services.


You may not leave this course with that million-dollar idea that launches your career as an entrepreneur, but it may be just the thing that gets you --- and your students – started. This student team will show you how they invented an app to keep students safe while traveling to and from school on the bus and then teach you how to use App Inventor to make your own new invention. It may just be the beginning of your next prototype. The cool factor lives here!​


  • Gain conceptual understanding in computer programming skills and the confidence to implement app design in your classroom

  • Build human centered design thinking into your lessons

  • Design your own unique prototype app

  • Leave with lesson plans, videos and classroom presentations for a successful implementation 

 Session 109: Prototype Design: Designing a Mobile App for

Social Good with App Inventor