Session 119: Project Invent For Accepted Mentors:

Making & Coding for Social Good

This registration is for approved Project Invent Mentors.


To learn more about becoming a mentor go to

Date: Monday, June 17 - Thursday, June 20

Location: South Fayette Intermediate School

Grades: Grades 6-8 with opportunities 9-12

Facilitators: Connie Liu, Founder and Executive Director, Project Invent with Jim Hausman, South Fayette School District English Teacher


Only register for this session if you have been accepted to be a Project Invent mentor through the application on Project Invent empowers all students to invent. That’s because when students invent, they become innovative, resilient, and prepared to tackle any challenge that comes their way. Join Project Invent to learn how to empower students to solve real problems in their community with technology. We teach design thinking, engineering, and entrepreneurship as tools to solve real-world problems. Students in our program have developed everything from a smart wallet that helps the blind detect bill denominations to a steering wheel attachment that prevents drowsy driving. We fully embrace the learn-by-doing model, so we will prepare you for mentoring having you invent! Participants will go from passion to product to pitch in 4 days to experience all of the roadblocks and challenges that students will experience throughout the year. We will show you how to use Arduino as a platform for building impactful inventions, how to generate hundreds of creative ideas, how to identify community partners, and more. You will leave this professional development with a strong set of tools for creating real-world context around making and programming

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