Session 106: Scratch: Foundations of Coding through Project Design

Date: Monday, June 17 - Tuesday, June 18

Location: South Fayette Intermediate School

Grades: 3-8

Facilitator: Shad Wachter, Intermediate School STEAM Facilitator, South Fayette

At South Fayette we believe computational thinking is the new literacy and so we have created a computer science/STEAM pathway extending K-12. Scratch block-based programming language is our foundation. Scratch is so powerful in teaching computer programming concepts and practices that it has been used for the first two weeks in the Introduction to Computer Programming course at Harvard University. As students gain experience applying this language to problem-based learning, they learn the fundamental concepts of programming, logical thinking and problem-solving which they can apply in all areas of their life. Join this session if you would like to find ways to integrate coding in any curricular area. You will learn how to use Scratch to create interactive stories, quizzes, games, music and art. In addition to gaining computational thinking skills you will be introduced to computer science concepts and the knowledge skills, and dispositions necessary for your students to succeed in the future of work in this global economy.


We highly suggest that after this two-day introduction you register for the next session called Coding: From the Virtual to the Physical World. Here you can extend your learning by using your new-found coding skills to program motors, sensors, robotics and more. 


  • A plan of action for implementing Scratch programming into your classes.

  • Testing and Debugging activities to challenge your students.

  • Strategies for connecting block based coding to programs and extensions beyond Scratch.